Frequently high school students are invited to participate in an extended trip to a major city in order to attend a Broadway musical production and see sights both related and unrelated to music and art in our culture.

Students desiring to be part of a trip may participate in chorus department fund raisers. Typically, students can expect that 25% of the total dollar amount they sell will be applied toward their particular expenses for a trip.

Here are some guidelines to help you understand how the money that is earned through fund raising is managed.

1. All money earned through fund raising is the property of the UCHS choir, and students who leave the choral program, or who are not enrolled in at least one quarter of chorus per year are not entitled to any portion of it for that year.

2. All of the money earned through fund raising is initially for the purpose of meeting expenses that enhance the choral program throughout the year, including materials, events, and rewards.

3. Money earned by students in eighth grade through 12th grade is tracked via a spreadsheet for that purpose. From that information, 25% is calculated for a student's trip expense if and when a student wishes to go on a trip.

4. This 25% amount can be used for either a chorus or band trip.

5. This 25% will be carried over to the next year since our trips may not be every year.

6. Students are responsible for replacement costs of choral materials given to them to use should they be lost or damaged, and money for replacement may be taken from an individual student's account to pay for such damage, or the student can pay for such items.

7. Students will be told of all scheduled fund-raisers in order to plan to sell as needed.

8. Although fund-raising and participation on trips are encouraged, neither is required for membership in the choir.

9. Students who earn more money than needed for a particular trip will be given a portion of that amount for spending money on that trip.

10. All other expenditures from the chorus fund are made at the discretion of the director and the officers, if need be.