Course Description

Seventh & Eighth Grade Chorus is for students who wish to become proficient in singing in tune, sight-singing, part-singing, and solfege singing with time spent on developing the changing voice. Students will be encouraged to become accompanists (piano and other instruments). Singers will experience classical literature, folk songs, contemporary songs and choral movement. Emphasis will be placed on developing a well-blended choral sound with at least one if not two concert performances a year in which students are expected to participate to meet the requirement of the course. Biennially, a Broadway Junior musicla production will take place. Prerequisite: An audition and/or teacher recommendation.

Routine at Beginning of class:
  • Take care of restroom and drinks before arriving
  • Arrive on time
  • Look at agenda
  • Get materials
  • Take assigned seat
  • Give 100% participation

Routine at End of class:
  • Put materials away
  • Straighten chairs
  • Line up for lunch
  • Walk in an orderly fashion to lunch

2011 - 2012 Concerts & Guidelines

No concerts are scheduled at this time.

Concert Attendance Policy
  • Students are expected to be available and participate in the concert performance
  • Section leaders will take attendance at each concert
  • Students can earn points for their attendance to and contribution at the concert
  • Failure to attend the concert must be resolved within two days of the concert via a parental phone call or note
  • Concert points can be made up by completing a corresponding assignment/project

Grading and Assessment

  • Attention to Routine, procedures and rehearsal work
  • Demonstrated vocal and physical achievement and progress
  • Knowledge and understanding of music theory and the singing process
  • Student responses to their own progress in the class and at performances
  • Concert attendance and contribution to performance
  • Scoring Rubric